The company participated in "Hefei Going Strategic Alliance" inaugural meeting

发布日期:2015-12-25 浏览次数:2226

        Recently, Hefei go out Strategic Alliance inaugural meeting was held in the city-government conference center, the city has long Zhang Qingjun, the city government, business offices and other relevant departments under the jurisdiction of the county Bureau of Commerce, the main person responsible, as well as 46 in Hefei go Enterprise Strategic Alliance Members out of business representatives attended the meeting.

As one of the alliance members of the unit, vice president of Dongfeng Zhu attended the meeting on behalf of the company.

The meeting was chaired by the Secretary of Commerce Xingxiao Hong Hefei. Chen Guoming, deputy director of Bureau of Commerce informed Hefei Hefei go out to build a strategic alliance business case.

Hefei dominated by the Business Council established in Hefei Going strategic alliance designed to further enhance the Hefei enterprises "going out" the quality and level, and promote the sharing of experiences among foreign trade enterprises to share resources, strengthen cooperation and the formation of enterprise trend Baotuan sea foster a number of market-oriented, professional and international development of local enterprises, improve Hefei enterprises in the international market overall competitiveness, to enhance the Hefei overall position in the global competition and cooperation in the value chain.