Companies adhere to grasp the party's work style building and anti-corruption work

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One, two closely responsibilities, strengthen organizational leadership, responsibility and constantly reinforce Independent

To promote clean government and anti-corruption work, the full implementation of the "two responsibility" to ensure that the company clean government to achieve tangible results, the company is referring to the group called for "the implementation of views on the main responsibility for the implementation of honest government, party committees and discipline inspection commission oversight responsibilities "clearly Anhui Light Industry Party committees and discipline inspection commission the main responsibility for clean business construction oversight responsibilities, party committees and discipline inspection commission of the enterprise were clean politics, ideology, organization, institution, discipline, style, risk control and cultural development practitioners, business leadership, Party organizations and party building bears the main responsibility and oversight responsibilities. By "the opinions" to further clarify the party secretary is the first responsible person, to guide the construction of honest business, different divisions of Party style, organization, promotion, discipline, youth, group members work in accordance with the division of the party committee in charge of its division of responsibility system, business leaders and promote clean government and anti-corruption work.

Second, the implementation of the eight provisions, Yan brake four winds rebound, continue to strengthen the style construction

Company leaders take the lead in learning and strictly implement the "self-discipline guidelines" requirements, with the right to regulate, safeguard the interests of ordinary workers, listen to the voice of workers, effectively put the interests of enterprise employees first. By establishing leadership reception day system, party members in turn received by the company employees visit, listen to the demands and opinions of employees, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of workers. Strengthening by conducting regular wind Su discipline, seriously addressed occurred in workers around the "four winds" and corruption special action timely discover and solve the workers side of the "four winds" and corruption. To carry out the "three strict three real" educational practice, effectively curb the leading cadres of the outstanding issues, to further strengthen the ties with the masses of style.

Third, adhere to prevention, strengthen education and publicity, and constantly improve the punishment and prevention system

Independent risk control mechanisms in order to build traction, to further improve the system of punishing and preventing corruption system. According to the International Trade Group Party demands the company developed "on the establishment of a sound system for punishing and preventing corruption work plan" for the next few years of a clean government and anti-corruption company was planning to deploy, insist on clean, efficient, practical principles, in improving operating efficiency while strengthening the government, to enhance public satisfaction, and strive to establish a sound among punishing and preventing corruption system throughout the production and management of the work. In a further clear job responsibilities, standardize business processes and identify risks on the basis of integrity, carefully formulated control measures, prevention and control of corruption responsibility to build the network, it has revised and improved traffic safety responsibility system, internal audit regulations, business entertainment various systems management approach, reporting on important matters, etc., to bring the heavy yoke of corruption and malpractices.

Fourth, deep and honest culture, enhance the cultural quality, and constantly create a clean atmosphere

Honest corporate culture is an important part of honest government, strengthen the construction of honest culture, from the source to prevent and control corruption, to promote self-discipline of leading cadres, honest business an important measure, is to establish a sound system for punishing and preventing corruption an important part of corporate culture to build a harmonious, ensure that enterprises sustained, healthy and scientific development has important and far-reaching significance. The company has been building on the honest business culture highlight important position, won the International Trade Group honest business culture demonstration of honor at the end of last year basis, the company will continue to deepen honest cultural construction, and in March this year by the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and acceptance, smooth as Trade Group Independent member companies only provincial-level cultural demonstration.

This year, the company continue to do within the network at the same honest culture column, overcoming the difficulties of relocation to new premises, again in the corridor, stairs, and other important financial center, clear and honest position posted posters; rearranging honest culture and education room quickly put into use; organizations compile honest business system manual, honest business culture manual; contact the company actually carried out the socialist core values ​​discussion, and fully mobilize employees contribute vote redefining the company's core values ​​have profound significance of guidance and education; in accordance with the requirements of the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection , mobilize Commission for Discipline Inspection, each branch write clean government and anti-corruption work experiences, a total of 14 contact form actual work has important reference significance monograph.